100% natural, highly palatable and consistently of high quality, that's what Duynie Feed is all about. Duynie Feed contributes to both a sustainable and increased financial result for your business, combined with a positive contribution to circular agriculture. Duynie Feed specialises in co-products. When crops such as cereals, vegetables and fruit are processed, some of the plant is used for food products for direct human consumption while other parts are used for nutritious animal feed.


More about co-products

A better financial result

Our products are 100% natural and contain high-quality nutrients at competitive values in comparison to other available feeds. Co-products enable farmers to realise a higher return over longer period!

Apart from an attractive cost price, Duynie’s certified animal feed positively contributes to the performance of your livestock, may that be milk yield, milk quality, growth, health and more.

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Contribution to circular agriculture

Duynie‘s unique range of co-products make a positive contribution to circular agriculture:

  • Nutrients from plants are fully used for food products for human consumption on the one hand and for nutritious animal feed on the other. This prevents any unnecessary wastage.
  • UK-based alternative for soya.
  • Co-products have a lower carbon footprint than 'nutritionally comparable animal feed'.

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Advice and services

Duynie Feed offers several services to support your business:

  • Nutritional advice: our qualified nutritionist can support you in calculating the optimal ration.
  • Silo service: Enables you to set up a silo with minimal investment. Reduces your feed costs after only a few months!
  • Repeat sales: Duynie Feed Sales Team manages your orders proactively ensuring you do not run out. 
  • Storage advice: information given on how to store your feed efficiently.

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