Dairy cattle

Co-products = better performing dairy cows

Brewers GrainsTrafford SyrupDuynie Power Mix



Co-products =  a sound pig sector

Prime Potato PureeSedaGoldBrewers Yeast



Co-products = improved DLWG

Potato CrispsCooked ChipsMoist Citrus Pulp



Goats / Sheep

Co-products = a balance diet with no sorting

Mash Filtered GrainsDuynie Boost MixMalt Residuals




Worldwide, Duynie provides a responsible supply of animal feeds, offering sustainable feed solutions. Our feeds originate from the food and beverage industry, or other food quality sources. The products made in the factories are made for human consumption, and the co-products produced during the manufacturing process are perfect for livestock production, with a proven track record at improving on farm efficiencies.

Duynie’s objective is to provide sustainable feed solutions all over the world. We are always ready to think outside the box and use available resources. We are an innovative company, constantly focused on working with our customers to service your unique requirements.

One example of this, we provide a purpose built silo on farm to store our liquid feeds and no charge to the customer. Duynie works with you.



Removal of the restriction on feeding livestock with produce which has been treated with Maleic Hydrazide

We have received confirmation from CRD (through AIC) of their decision, with immediate effect, to remove the restriction on feeding livestock with produce...
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John Shillito

John Shillito has left Duynie UK after 6 years with us. We all wish him the very best for the future.
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