Duynie complies with UFAS and FEMAS feed assurance standards in the UK. Please download our current certificates:

Download our UFAS certificate Download our FEMAS certicate



Duynie has its own modern certified laboratory (GMP+ FSA B10) where we monitor the quality of raw materials and animal feeds. In our lab, we carry out the main analyses of importance for the feeding value of a product. Examples include dry matter, proteins, fats, anorganic matter and starch. Based on these analyses, we establish the product information and carry out dietary calculations. Due to the efforts of our Quality, Nutrition and Research (QNR) department, we can guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials and animal feed. Therefore, customers know precisely what they buy from us.

Feed with sense

Research projects into animal and cattle feed produce new knowledge which we use to enable us to improve the feeding value of our products. From within our QNR department, we work together closely with nationally and internationally recognised laboratories and research institutes. We are a member of Trust Feed which supervises the safety and reliability of raw materials in the cattle feed branch.