With a history of more than 50 years, Duynie Feed has proven to deliver quality. Duynie Feed is keenly aware of the important responsibility it carries as a supplier of animal feed, thereby operating at the basis of the food chain.



All of Duynie’s feeds sold in the UK are UFAS or FEMAS certified. The FEMAS and UFAS certifications are based on a solid quality system. This quality system provides an important assurance with respect to the production of safe and healthy feed. It imposes demands on the monitoring, quality control, tracking & tracing and crisis management.

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The drive for quality is anchored in the organisation. The efforts of Quality and Nutrition employees with the assistance of the Expertise & Research Centre of Duynie Group guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials and animal feed. 

The controls also extend to whether the suppliers to Duynie Feed are certified and meet the quality demands.

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Close collaboration with suppliers

Duynie Feed works closely with its suppliers. This makes it possible to map out in detail what the processing procedure looks like. This close collaboration also ensures the careful processing of co-products so that you can count on having the best quality delivered to you.

Products are regularly sampled to determine their nutrient value. In this way we can verify whether the product information is still correct or whether it needs to be updated.

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Transparent composition

Duynie’s co-products are of a transparent composition. Their vegetative origin, the processing procedure: what you feed your animals is entirely clear to you. Duynie’s cattle feed contains 100% natural, high-quality nutrients. These nutrients originate from a wide variety of crops, including cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Locally grown crops are the basis of the nutrients. 

Co-product production is often localised. Our efficient use of logistics allows us to offer a wide range of co-products nationally.

With Duynie Feed you always know what you’re buying!

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