Expertise & Research Centre

Expertise & Research Centre Duynie Group

Expertise Centre 

Duynie Feed sets great store by the quality of its products. This is apparent in the Duynie Feed organisation, with various departments actively engaged in quality control:

  • Quality: engages in the assessment of the quality and certification of suppliers;
  • Nutrition: offers advice on optimum rations, conducts scientific research.

Together, these departments are called the Expertise Centre of Duynie Group.

Research Centre 

Duynie Group also has a Research Centre, which consists of the following departments and facilities:

  • Research department: researches fermentation processes, bio-refining and the very latest analysis techniques by R&D managers;
  • Own laboratories that are independently certified;
  • Pilot site;
  • Trial plant.


Duynie Group stands out for having its own independently certified laboratories where raw materials and animals feeds are tested with a view to quality.

Duynie Group’s central laboratory is certified according to GMP+ FSA B10, meaning that it meets the quality criteria imposed on animal feed scientific laboratories.


Having its own laboratories gives Duynie Group the following advantages:

  • specialisation in co-products;
  • analyses can be conducted very quickly;
  • extensive lab facilities and 10 analysts;
  • the availability of unique analysis methods not offered by commercial laboratories;
  • the very latest analysis methods such as Near Infrared Radiation (NIR);
  • the development of new analysis methods;
  • availability of analysis results over long periods of time;
  • participation in (scientific) research.

In-house research

The fact that Duynie Group invests in in-house research is unique. This not only entails practice-related research, but also scientific research. We collaborate, amongst others, with:

  • Universities in Wageningen (The Netherlands), Ghent and Louvain (Belgium)
  • Research institutes in the field of cattle feed, such as Schothorst Feed Research
  • Feed Design Lab
  • VTT Helsinki, Finland
  • Cosun Innovation Centre

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