Palatable silage

Palatable silage

For palatable silage, capping with a co-product is an interesting option.

Why cover silage with a co-product?

  • To reduce the use of plastic sheeting and potential risks to your livestock from tyre wires
  • Co-products add feed value
  • Moist citrus pulp deters vermin

How to cover your clamp with citrus pulp

  • Speak to your Area Sales Manager at least 2 months before silaging to work out the area that needs capping and the quantity of produce required.
  • Prepare and clean an area where the required loads of citrus can be tipped before ensiling your forage.
  • When you finish consolidating the silage clamp spread the citrus pulp with a loading bucket at least 12inch deep over the surface of the clamp.
  • Consolidate the citrus pulp by pressing it down with bucket making sure you get an even cover with no gaps.