Dairy Cattle

Dairy farms form the largest part of our customer base nationally, responsible for the highest volume of bulk deliveries nationally. Our supplier portfolio continues to grow year on year which enable us to provide co-products from a variety of industries covering all macro-nutrient requirements of a dairy cow.

We have traditional co-products from the brewing and distilling process in the form of ‘spent grains’. We refer to these as Brewers Grains and Distillers Draff respectively. As well as traditional co-products we have more new and innovative co-products which contribute to our product portfolio. Products in varying forms, both energy rich and protein rich derived from 21st Century industries.

If you are looking for something in particular or would simply like to see what products we can offer for dairy cattle go directly to products specific to dairy cattle or alternatively you can contact our nutritionist directly who will be happy to help on +44 7771 725 120 or by email e.keep@duynie.co.uk