Goats & Sheep

Goats and sheep make up the smallest proportion of our current customer base. However, we pay particular attention to their unique requirements which differ dramatically from large ruminants.

Goats and sheep are notoriously selective, therefore when being fed dry blends / pelleted feeds they will pick out the elements of the diet they prefer and leave elements that they are less taken with, this means that they will be subjected to an unbalanced diet. Through the inclusion of co-products within a TMR it mitigates the risk of sorting, and all the animals are guaranteed to be subjected to a balanced diet.

We work together with you, to understand your system, and most importantly your objectives. We look at the best ways of improving the efficiencies within the sector by developing new products and introducing new storage concepts.

If you are looking for something in particular or would simply like to see what products we can offer the goat / sheep sector go directly to products specific to goats / sheep.

As we are aware the nutritional requirements differ between the two species depending on your objectives. For nutritional advice please do not hesitate to speak with our nutritionist Emily Keep.
You can contact her on +44 7771 725 120 or by email e.keep@duynie.co.uk