1 October 2018Dawlicious video

Duynie = Service. It is our belief in order to better engage with the farming industry (to become a ‘must use’ company) we must look to engage with the next stages within the supply chain: our customers, customer. This will lead to the eventual goal of total engagement with the consumer, to the point where the consumer is demanding meat and milk that has been produced using co-product feeds. In short, the aim is to ‘bridge the gap’ between producer and consumer. This we believe is the best way to create more value within our supply chain.

We have tried to illustrate this on a small scale with a video. We have worked with the Daw family, who farm Jersey cattle and have diversified into making ice cream. The cows are fed on a diet of forage and Duynie co-product feeds, specifically a Duynie moist blend.

I have heard that to make Dawlicious Ice cream, the cows NEED DUYlicious feed!!