Tuesday 11 February 2020Duynie's Sustainability Goals

Duynie’s Sustainability Goals

Here at Duynie, sustainability runs through the DNA of every part of our business – and it has done for the past 50 years. Before environmental activism was widespread or climate change became an emergency, we built our enterprise on the frugal use of resources that, at the time, were generally seen as waste.

Because we take a sustainable approach at every stage of our operation, we don’t have a 10-step plan or a sustainability charter with boxes to tick. Instead, we knit the respectful and efficient use of co-products into every stage of our process. Sustainability is our business – it’s not a sub-plot for us.

The Duynie Feed UK proposition is simple: take co-products from the food and beverage industries and transform them into nutritious and palatable livestock feeds. The immediate effect of this is giving a new lease on life to a ‘waste’ resource and offering an economical way to feed animals. The longer-term effect is that land, which would otherwise be used to grow crops specifically for animal feed, can be given over to crops for the human food chain.

Our key sustainability goal is the same as yours: profitable farming with a positive environmental impact. Central to our philosophy is a circular food system, also known as a closed-loop cycle. This is a way of working that optimises resource use and minimises waste.

In our interpretation of this cycle, arable farmers grow crops, the food industry transforms these crops into products for human consumption, anything left over (‘by-products’) is made into animal feed for the meat and dairy industries, manure from pigs and cows is used by arable farmers to fertilise the land on which they grow crops.

For the circle to be complete and all the loops closed, each participant must play their part. Duynie’s role is in closing the loop between manufacture and farming. Without this bridge the system wouldn’t function. 

It’s likely that your sustainability goals will be influenced by and tied to those of your customers. As well as offering quality nutrition at an attractive price that optimises your returns, Duynie Feed UK can help you deliver what your customers demand. Home-grown roughage combined with co-product feeds is a demonstrably sustainable approach to animal nutrition.

Learn more about circular food systems here or contact us to discuss how Duynie feeds could help you meet your sustainability goals.

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