Friday 1 October 2021Meet the Duynie Team - Emily Brooks

At Duynie, we think versatility is important, which is why some members of our team do more than one job. Take Emily Brooks, for example. She balances two vital roles – one in nutrition and the other in sales planning – so she’s got plenty to keep her busy. Let’s find out how she manages to spin all those plates at once.

First things first, Emily – tell us what you actually do…

I started at Duynie in September 2020, and I combine a role in Customer Support – Nutrition with being a sales planner for our McCain’s Scarborough outlet.  

What do you get up to on a daily basis?

My nutrition role involves working with the sales team and giving nutritional advice to farmers. I devise tailored beef and dairy rations that incorporate our range of co-products. I also provide on-farm support to ensure the rations are right for each system and they’re balanced correctly to promote animal health and productivity.

My sales planner role involves the day-to-day planning of customer orders and speaking to transport to make sure everything runs smoothly. I speak to farmers regularly to book-in their repeat orders and keep them updated about load changes and product levels coming from the factory. If a load is running behind, we might need to adjust the level that goes into the ration.

What do you enjoy most about your jobs?

I like to hear about results from farmers – it’s really rewarding to know that a ration I’ve put together has worked well. One of my favourite things is going on a farm visit, meeting the farmer face-to-face and discussing the benefits co-products could bring to their system. I think building good customer relationships is very important and I enjoy a good chat! As I’m relativity new to the nutrition role, I’m constantly learning and developing, so no two days are the same, which keeps things interesting.

But there must be challenges too, right?

Every farm is unique and there are lots of factors that can affect the ration it needs. That can be anything from available nutrients in silage to machinery access and availability. Different farmers also rely on different feeds, so we need to make sure everything’s balanced. And, of course, cost is always a big factor.

What path brought you to Duynie?

I started out by completing a human nutrition degree at Sheffield Hallam. In my final year of university, I started helping out around my fiancé’s dairy farm and loved it. I was inspired to find an animal nutrition course at Nottingham Uni that let me combine my interest in science and nutrition with my love for animals and the outdoors.

Are there any achievements you’ve made at Duynie that you’re especially proud of?

I’m really proud of achieving my new customer support role in nutrition, as I feel all my work at university has paid dividends. Since graduating, I’ve wanted to work with a feed company and provide on-farm support, so I’ve fulfilled an ambition.

Getting the ration right for every farm must be complicated. How do you go about it?

When I meet a new customer – either over the phone or in-person – I start with a list of questions that help me formulate a ration to meet the farm’s needs. It includes asking about productivity goals, animal health and existing products available to them.

You’re jobs clearly keep you busy – what do you do when you have time off?

I’m really lucky to live in the countryside, surrounded by great views and I love walking my dog and staying active by swimming. I also enjoy socialising and having a laugh with my good friends. That involves cooking and baking for everyone when I can. Having bought two pedigree Blonde heifers recently, I’m excited to welcome their calves in February.

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