Friday 2 July 2021Meet the Duynie Team - Kristien

As a business, sourcing top-quality raw materials and making high-performing products is only half of the Duynie story. To complete the loop, we need to know where the commercial opportunities lie and understand how to reach the people who want our co-products. That’s where Kristien Kenny, our Commercial Manager, comes in. With his finger on the pulse of the feed industry, he’s a man who likes a plan.

First things first, what does a Commercial Manager do at Duynie?

I joined the team in November 2020 to take responsibility for the commercial performance of our UK and Ireland sales teams. It’s a wide-reaching role. I need to keep abreast of the competitive landscape, while managing our sales and marketing activity to deliver our business goals.

What makes it a job you enjoy doing?

I get out of bed every morning and look forward to being part of something that’s striving to grow and improve.

Can you pick out one element of the role that you like the most?

I know it’s a nerdy answer, but I do like forward planning. I enjoy working with the people across our teams – walking through different possible scenarios and deciding on the best course of action.

What made Duynie an appealing place to work?

I was attracted to joining Duynie because of combination of the role and the company culture. Although I was stepping outside of my previous industry, we seemed to be a great fit. I had a good feeling for the people and the nature of the challenge from day one and I’m pleased to say that my instincts have proven reliable.

Has it always been your ambition to work with co-product feeds?

No, I’m one of those people who’s never had a crystal-clear picture of what ‘work’ should look like. Instead, I’ve enjoyed building experience in a variety of roles. That’s given me the chance to learn from the people I’ve done business with across several countries and markets.

Every job has it challenges – what are yours?

All businesses face unpredictable variables that can interrupt our best-laid plans – Duynie is no different. As I’ve said, I’m a planner so I try to see these bumps in the road as another opportunity to reassess the situation.

What do you like to get up to when you clock off?

I’m an over-the-hill footballer so naturally I’ve taken up golf! I’m terrible at it but I do enjoy the game, as well as the social side of it. Aside from that I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, walking the dog and spending time with my lovely family.

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