Friday 2 April 2021Meet the Duynie Team - Tony

As you might imagine, getting Duynie products to and from the right place at the right time can be a bit complicated. It’s not just a matter of starting at A and going to B, sometimes we have to go via X,Y and Z too. Which is why we’re glad we’ve got Tony Price as our Transport Manager. He’s a man who knows how to keep things moving.

So, what does managing transport at Duynie involve?

It’s a wide-ranging role, but the basics are to ensure the transport team functions as efficiently as possible so suppliers and customers get the best service we can provide. To achieve this, production plans at suppliers’ sites have to be constantly managed. That way collections – and deliveries – are reliable and timely.

Tell us about the best bits of the job…

Something different happens every day – managing vehicles and juggling production plans is always a challenge. Over the past year, the job has been very different for all of us, especially with colleagues working from home. It’ll be so much better to have everyone back in the building, working together and discussing the daily tasks between all departments.

Though I don’t have a single favourite activity, like everyone, I really enjoy days when I go to visit farms.

…and about the tricky bits

Our suppliers have their own priorities and schedules, which means production plans at the breweries and chip factories can change from day to day, and even from hour to hour. We can be planning and replanning several times a day.

What route brought you to Duynie?

I joined the business in June 2016, having worked in transport and logistics for over 30 years. You’d think the function would be very much the same across most sectors, and it is, with the exception of agriculture – and specifically co-products. What a baptism of fire when I joined Duynie!

When you think of your work, what makes you most proud?

I’m really proud to work with our team of planners. They’ve each developed hugely over the past three years – learning how the business works and showing great interest in building on that understanding to run the transport function as efficiently as possible.

As a team, we’re constantly looking at ways we can operate more effectively. It’s most important for us to pull together with our drivers to provide the high level of service our suppliers and customers rightly expect.

When a new supplier or customer comes along, where do you start?

We always assess the needs of new contacts in tandem with our colleagues in procurement. Having a clear understanding from the outset of what’s required and how we can work together is crucial.

You mentioned every day is different – tell us about a time when something unexpected happened

A brewery in the Midlands had an issue with contaminated barley in their silo, and they asked for our help in removing it. The snags were it was stored below ground level and they didn’t want to interrupt production, even for a day. By sourcing specialist equipment, we were able to slowly and carefully extract the product. It was a tricky job, but a successful solution was smoothly and safely executed.

When you get away from your desk, what do you get up to?

I’m a former semi-professional goalkeeper, but being too old (and maybe too round) to do that these days, I tend to take things at a much slower. In an ideal world (without Covid), that might mean heading off to the Peak District on a weekend with my dog to enjoy the great outdoors.

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