Wednesday 16 October 2019NEW - Heineken Brewers Grains Contract

On the 7th of October Duynie became proud suppliers of the Brewers Grains from Heineken Manchester! This contract has been with another company for many years, so we are privileged to have acquired these fantastic quality grains and work with such an established company. Our Mash Filtered Heineken Brewers grains have a feed analysis of 28% DM, 24% CP, NDF 55% and 11.7% ME (MJ/kg).

Brewers grains have been fed within the farming industry for years and are seeing no sign of being replaced, but why would they? They are such a specialist moist feed / co-product which can be fed all year round due to their consistent availability as well as through the ever-changing seasons which farmers must adapt to.

For example, the summer of 2018, we saw one of the driest years in a long time with no grass and low forage yields. Brewers grains was a fantastic product to help farmers get through that difficult year, helping to extend their forage, adding vital nutritional value to the diet to ensure the cost-effective feeding of all classes of livestock. Fast forward to summer 2019 where we have now seen such a vast amount of forage grown, with farmers across the country comfortably harvesting their 5th silage cut and good maize yields.

In this situation the first response from a farmer may be ‘I don’t need brewers grains, I have plenty of forage’ however brewers grains in our opinion is still an essential product in this scenario. Why? Well brewers grains are not just a forage extender, they are and should also be seen as a cost-effective concentrate and protein source. In a season when every farmer will want to maximise the intake of home grown forages, the addition of highly palatable brewers grains will complement high intake more effectively than the addition of dry based feeds thereby reducing total feed costs.

The second response we may receive is ‘I’ve just got my maize in, so I won’t be needing grains anymore’. However, feeding brewers grains alongside maize is a match made in heaven. Not only will you get quality protein from the grains, palatability will increase maize intake, but the protein will also compliment the energy from the maize perfectly.

Let’s not forget about the final statement we hear ‘I don’t pay for water’. You are right you shouldn’t pay for water and we wouldn’t expect you to, that is why our brewers grains prices are based on the DM of the product so you will never pay for water.  

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