Monday 14 October 2019NEW - Vitagold Contract

We are pleased to announce that as of last week Duynie secured the contract for the fantastic product Vitagold! Having achieved this contract we are very happy to be the soul providers of Vitagold and believe that this feed will bring great benefits to our customers farming systems. 

Vitagold is a co-product from the production of whisky, within the distillery process, the starch which comes from the wheat is converted into sugar which from fermentation produces alcohol. Once the alcohol is removed from the blend the remaining mixtures is pressed to remove any remaining moisture creating a high energy moist feed.

Vitagold which is produced in Girvan in Scotland and has not been available on the market for over 4 years due to it been utilized in an anaerobic digester however the previously very popular product amongst Scottish and Northern farmers is now back. This product suits all cattle-based systems whether that be beef, dairy or youngstock due to the vast amount of benefits it has to offer.

Because of the distillery process the fine textured spent grains have little starch and sugars as this has been turned into alcohol however it leaves a rich source of fibre, protein and oil. Vitagold contains yeast fragments from the fermentation stage which can improve rumen activity and feed digestion, whilst also enhancing the protein content. As Vitagold has high levels of energy (14.5MJ/kgDM) and protein (37% of DM) it is a cost-effective feed for both beef and dairy especially when comparing it to alternative dried distillers’ feeds. It is 35% Dry Matter making it very palatable which encourages intakes. It can be fed fresh or clamped as well as been an easy product to handle.

To see the product specification please click here 

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