Friday 11 June 2021The Power of Potato Cream

When you’re formulating a ration for cattle – whatever stage they’re at – you have a lot of options to consider. You might currently balance forage with dry concentrates and moist feeds. But have you thought about potato cream?

What is potato cream?

A combination of potato mash and maccerated steamed peelings, this cooked co-product delivers a reliable and easily digestible source of rapidly fermentable starch, effective fibre and protein. Because all of the elements are cooked, chopped and blended, its consistency is soft and even. As well as being easy to handle and simple to mix, potato cream is very palatable and has a creamy, soft texture that cattle find appealing. Altogether, it is an effective addition to any feed regime.

The benefits of potato cream

  • Versatile – it can be fed ad-lib or as part of a TMR
  • Digestible – as it is evenly blended, it doesn’t present the risk of choking sometimes associated with potatoes, so is safe to feed
  • Palatable ­­– the smooth texture is appealing and encourages enthusiastic uptake
  • Easy to handle – delivered in 28T bulk tankers, which is best suited to be stored in vertical silo's 
  • Effective mixing – as well as blending evenly through a TMR, it acts as a binding agent, preventing sorting and ensuring each animal takes a balanced bite
  • Nutritious – contains 13.5% DM, 50% starch and 14% crude protein – all the nutritional value of potatoes presented in an easy-to-eat format
  • Sustainablility – transforms local co-products from food manufacturing into a feed that delivers results 


Feeding potato cream – a case study

Beef farmer Ed Hull runs a substantial herd of 2,400 Hereford X cattle, so he needs an efficient and effective feeding regime. With rearing, growing, fattening and breeding units to cater for, the farm has four different rations on the go at all times, so keeping things simple is key.

Duynie potato cream is mixed into the TMR for Ed’s stores and finishers, and is also offered to cull cows ad-lib in troughs alongside their mix. Easy handling is crucial in an operation of this size, so Duynie has supplied Ed with an overhead tank to store and dispense the product. It’s a simple operation: the feeder wagon pulls up under the tank’s outlet, the cream is added and the mix is evenly combined before being distributed into troughs. 

Ed has made potato cream a key ingredients in his rations for several reasons. First, it delivers essential potato nutrients without the worry they’ll be unevenly distributed through the mix. Second, he’s a year-round feeder, so reliable availability is vital if he’s to maintain a consistent ration. And third, by including potato cream in the diet he feeds his cows, he sees them bounce back into good condition before their next service, which helps improve his calving index.

Like all farmers, Ed is well aware of the importance of getting nutrition spot-on across his sizeable herd. He’s happy with the role played by potato cream and pleased with the results he sees in animals at all stages.     

Ration comparison

Feed (kg)




Ration 1:

Finishing mix

Ration 2:

Finishing mix with ad-lib cream







Potato cream



Malt brewers grains



Moist citrus






Nutrient analysis



DM (%)



CP (%DM)









Starch (%DM)



Ration 1: a TMR combining potato cream with other Duynie co-products to create a finishing mix with good starch and protein levels.

Ration 2: ad lib potato cream is fed alongside the finishing mix, providing extra starch and encouraging cattle to eat more fresh weight thanks to its palatability.

Interested in using Potato Cream in your ration? Contact the Office to speak to your local Area Sales Manager. 


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