Biscuit Meal

Suitable for:  Pigs
Weaned Piglets   Up to 25 kgs/head/day
Growers  Up to 25-45 kgs/head/day
Finishers   Up to 45-115 kgs/head/day
Sows  Up to 45-115 kgs/head/day

Features and benefits

Biscuit Meal is a high energy cooked feed suitable for feeding to pigs. It will increse the energy density of all diets when included making it excellent feed for fatteningpigs units. Biscuit Meal has an appreciable starch and sugar content that will enrich the energy supply of most diets. Biscuit Meal has all year availability throughout the UK.   

Product specification

Dry matter
87,0 %
Crude protein
11,5 %
16,1 %
Oil (total)
9,5 %
46,0 %
17,3 %
3,5 %
0,23 %
0,34 %
0,69 %
0,34 %

Last modification 25-05-2020

*Data presented on a dry matter basis.

Product description

Blended meal, very palatable, high fermentable energy, and excellent sugar content. Suitable for feeding to pigs.

Assurance status

Biscuit Meal is an assured feed that is included in the FEMAS Certification for which the numerous supplying factories are certified. Duynie Ltd is approved against the requirements of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) accreditation for the merchanting of compound feed and assured feed materials, including third party haulage.

All Duynie's co-product feeds are obtained from factories that select and process only food quality raw materials. No claim is made that the raw materials are GM-free and the feeds should not be used by organic livestock farmers.


Biscuit Meal is delivered in bulk tipper vehicles of 20T & 29T.


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