Loch Lomond Supers

Product Description

Protein and energy rich fine textured spent grains produced from a Scottish wheat spirit distillery containing good levels of spent yeast fragments from the distillation process suitable for feeding to cattle.

Features & Benefits

Loch Lomond supers are a very palatable moist feed with a high protein and energy content that will enrich all diets very cost effectively. They make a cost effective alternative to dried distillers feeds and contain good levels of spent yeast fragments from the distillation process. Loch Lomond supers have all year availability in Scotland and Northern England and contain a permitted preservative to aid with keeping quality on farm.  


Loch Lomond supers are delivered in bulk tipper vehicles of 20T or 29T

Handling and storage

Loch Lomond Supers should be stored in a clean lined clamp with concrete floor. All clamps should be sheeted & weighted down to exclude air and rain water which will aid shelf life and maintain feeding value.

Assurance Status

Loch Lomond supers are an assured feed that is included in the FEMAS Certification for which the supplying distillery is certified. Duynie Ltd is approved against the requirements of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) accreditation for the merchanting of compound feed and assured feed materials, including third party haulage.

All Duynie's co-product feeds are obtained from factories that select and process only food quality raw materials.  No claim is made that the raw materials are GM-free and the feeds should not be used by organic livestock farmers.

Product specification

Dry matter
28,0 %
14,00 MJ
Crude protein
26,0 %
Oil (total)
9,7 %
4,0 %
0,6 %
52,0 %
0,15 %
0,12 %
0,47 %
0,32 %
0,04 %
18,0 mg
61,0 mg
Last modification 18-07-2019

*Data presented on a dry matter basis.

All information, data, recommendations and advice given on this document are as guides only. Please contact Duynie Uk Ltd for more detailed information. All products supplied by Duynie UK Ltd should be used in diets under the advice and recommendation of qualified personnel.