Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice is an important service offered by Duynie Feed. The advice helps you to answer questions like:

  • How can I promote the growth of my pigs or beef cattle?
  • How can I boost milk production?
  • Which type of feed contributes to higher milk fat and protein?
  • Which co-product can contribute to the health of my animals?

Qualified nutritionist

Nutritional advice is provided by Duynie’s inhouse qualified nutritionist.

Duynie’s nutritionist has a vast amount of knowledge about animal feed, acquired partly through professional training and partly through many years of experience with respect to co-products. Our nutritionist can advise you on the best composition of a complete ration, consisting of home grown forage, dry raw materials and co-products.

Our co-products are evaluated for nutritional analysis on a regular basis and the product specifications on the website are kept up to date.

Duynie Group Expertise & Research Centre 

For any questions the qualified nutritionist may have, she can call on the knowledge of the Expertise & Research Centre of Duynie Group, consisting of various departments such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Quality
  • Research & Development
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot location and pilot plant

Department of Nutrition

Duynie Feed is a specialist in the field of co-products. The staff members of the department of Nutrition have in-depth knowledge regarding the composition of the co-products of Duynie Feed and their effects on animals. They regularly attend courses and training programmes to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Duynie closely monitors all the latest developments in the field of animal feed.

In-house research

Duynie’s investment in in-house research is unique, comprising not just practice-based research but also scientific research.
Duynie collaborates with:
- universities such as Wageningen University 
- research agencies in the field of animal feed, such as Schothorst Feed Research
- Feed Design Lab.

The department of Nutrition plays a pivotal role in this research.

Information about the nutritional value of Duynie Feed products


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