Silo service

If you want to utilise liquid feed, you need a liquid silo. Duynie Feed's silo service enables you to set up a silo with minimal investment. The only thing you have to do is lay the foundation and arrange the electrics (depended on the silo type).

Savings through feeding liquid feed will be substantially higher than the costs for the foundation and electrics! You will reap the benefits from the very start.

Advantages silo subscription

  • No costs to use the silo.
  • Benefit from the very start: savings through feeding liquid feed will be substantially higher than the costs for the foundation and electrics. 
  • The high palatability of our co-products results in higher feed intake and therefore higher nutrient density in the diet. Including co-products in the diet can contribute towards:
    • Increased milk yield;
    • Increased Daily Weight Gain (DLWG) and Feed Conversion (FC);
    • Improved animal health and fertility.

High-quality silo

  • Duynie Feed has selected a high-quality silo that guarantees maximum homogeneity.
  • The silo can be used for all Duynie Feed's liquid products in the UK:
    • Brewers yeast
    • Loch Lomond Gold
    • Potato Cream
    • Prime Potato Puree (PPP)
    • SedaGold
    • Trafford Syrup
  • Transport and installation are taken care of by the silo supplier.

Silo subscription

The silo contract comprises:

  • use of the fibreglass storage silo
  • transport of the silo to your premises
  • installation on the foundation laid by you
  • maintenance of the silo by you
  • insurance of the silo to be held by you

No costs to use the silo!

Calculate your benefit!

Want to know the benefit to you?

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Silo specifications

Duynie Feed has selected a high-quality silo for its silo service:

  • volume 50 m3 of product
  • available in gravity feed or electric pump options
  • acid-resistant, no corrosion
  • automatically suitable for storing products up to 75˚C
  • long lifespan
  • anchored by means of connecting chemical anchors
  • indication of the foundation's dimensions: 350 x 350 x 55 cm (l x w x d)

Silo maintenance

In order to take maximum advantage of the benefits of feeding liquid feed, we recommend cleaning the silo on a regular basis. This will ensure the feeding process is hygienic.


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